Wheeler Walker Jr. Announces That Proceeds From His “Wheeler Kentucky” T-Shirt Will Benefit Kentucky Flood Relief

Wheeler Walker Jr. country music

This past week, eastern Kentucky was hammered with rain, resulting in catastrophic flooding that’s left at more than 30 people dead, and 100s more that have not been found.

It’s absolutely devastating, considering the amount of homes, businesses, livelihoods, and also lives that have been effected due to this unprecedented event. And to make matters worse, it’s supposed to rain even more this week…

However, there are a ton of goodhearted people in this world that are willing to help out in any way they can…

We’ve seen Tyler Childers helping out, Chris Stapleton buying supplies at Walmart, and now the self-described King of Country Music is getting involved.

No other than Wheeler Walker Jr.

Walker Jr., a native of Kentucky himself, shared a message saying that all the proceeds from his Wheeler Kentucky shirt will go to the “Team Eastern Kentucky Flood Relief Fund.’

He shared the following message on his website:

“A lot of families are struggling right now in my home state of Kentucky.  I want to help out, and I know you do, too.  For the next month, all proceeds from my Wheeler Kentucky shirt will be donated to the ‘Team Eastern Kentucky Flood Relief Fund.’   

Give back AND look cool.

If you don’t want to buy a shirt, please follow the link and make a donation. Any donation — no matter how small — is much appreciated.

– Love you guys, WWJr”

If you are looking to help donate, you can visit the link HERE.

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