Watch John Daly Sink A Hole-In-One Barefoot: “That’s 11 Of Them Motherf*ckers”

John Daly Golf

John Daly, the bonafied legend of pro golf, and partying.

We’re talking about the pro golfer who used to drink 30 to 40 beers in a day, and then drink liquor after that. A guy who would stay out all night partying in the middle of a golf tournament, and show up for an 8 AM tee time the next day. Not to mention, he camps out for a week at Hooters in Augusta while the Masters is going on…

And he’s a two time major championship winner on the PGA Tour, and has won a total of 13 pro golf tournaments over his career.

Needless to say, many pro golfer’s games would go down the sh*tter if they lived the lifestyle of John Daly, but nah. The 56-year-old is simply built different.

And as if we needed further examples to solidify Daly’s legendary status, then here it is.

Video footage has recirculated of the man playing in the Bone Frog Open back in 2020, a golf tournament dedicated to benefit fallen US Navy Seals.

Probably about 15+ beers deep at this point, he stumbled up to the 130-yard par-3 11th hole, with an untucked shirt and bare feet (because Daly doesn’t believe in playing with shoes).

Sure enough, he pures the shot right at the flagstick, and drops in for a hole-in-one…

For his 11th hole-in-one ever.

He yelled after the shot in legendary fashion:

“That makes 11 of  them motherf*ckers.”

People don’t realize just how hard making a hole-in-one is, and there are still tons of professional golfers that are still waiting for their first one, and ol’ Long John has made 11.

Now this video was taken back in 2020, and I know of a hole-in-one he made last year, so he’s had at least 12 now to this point. Insanity.

John Daly? Dawg.

John Daly Hits A 300-Yard Drive Off Eric Church’s Beer Can At St. Andrews

Just John Daly being John Daly.

As a golfer, you always dream of the ideal group of celebrities you’d like to tee it up with some day…

And this might be every country music/sports fan’s dream pairing right here.

Daly had a rough go at it at The British Open this past week, shooting three-over-par to miss the cut by two shots, at the same course where he won it all back in 1995 at St. Andrews in Fife, Scotland.

Now there’s one thing for certain about Long John, and it’s the fact that he’s never let a bad round of golf take away from his fun.

Hell, the man was posted up on the slot machines at a casino in Tulsa, Oklahoma after the first round of the PGA Championship this year, like he didn’t have an early tee time in one of the biggest tournaments in the world the next day.

With that being said, Daly decided to spend his weekend in Scotland playing with some absolute legends, and we’re talking about Peyton, Eli, and Cooper Manning, along with Eric Church.

If I was playing in that group, I would’ve died completely content if a lightning bolt struck me as soon as I walked off the 18th green, because that group is something every country music/sports fan that just so happens to play golf would kill for.

Although the news broke of the dream pairing last Friday, some behind the scenes footage of the pairing is starting to surface, including a badass video of Daly ripping a 300-yard drive after using Eric Church’s beer can as a golf tee.

“Best drive I hit in three days”

I’d probably bet my life savings that there was probably more beer drinkin’ done in this group than there was golfing, but nevertheless, you already know they were having themselves a time and a half out there at one of the best golf courses in the world.

Seems like George Strait was lurking around the links at St. Andrews as well… tequila in hand.

Not gonna lie, Eric Church, George Strait and John Daly sounds like a dream foursome for me… next time fellas.

John Daly Would Win More If He Could Golf Drunk

John Daly… living legend.

Professional golfer, Hooters aficionado, alcohol, cigarette and Diet Coke connoisseur, belly flop master… the man lives life in a league of his own.

When you think about the kind of guys that could just tell wild stories for days, John is r ight up with the likes of the world’s greatest rock stars. A rock star in his own right, the man has been known to put away 35+ beers in a day, put away 12 Diet Cokes during a round of golf… hell, he even put out a country album featuring Willie Nelson.

However, as accomplished as he is, 5 PGA Tour wins including the PGA Championship, he confesses that there is one thing that would make his golf game even better.

Play drunk.

Sitting down with Tomi Lahren, John recalled a time he was driving golf balls out of Steve Ford’s mouth in the Loser’s parking lot (Steve owns Loser’s as well as Winner’s and Dawghouse Saloon in Midtown, Nashville).

Needless to say, some beverages had been had:

“We were drunk as skunks… that was like 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning. If the PGA Tour let me play drunk, I’d win a lot more tournaments.

And barefooted… if I could play the tour barefooted, that’d be nice.”

Of course, drinking booze on the course is usually prohibited on the PGA Tour, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t make for some great golf.

If LIV is looking to get John Daly recruited, they know what to do…

Still Drunk From The Night Before…

Although, this claim is nothing new…

John sat down for an interview with Graham Bensinger back in 2016, and detailed how he used to play his best golf drunk.

He claims that the golf course records he broke all came while playing rip-shit drunk, shirtless, and barefoot, and there were several nights on the PGA Tour where he wouldn’t get back in from a long night of partying until 7-7:30 AM, with a tee time at 8.

He said:

“I wouldn’t sober up until the 13th hole.”

Needless to say, some people are just built different.

Perhaps the craziest part, is just how much alcohol he consumed on a daily basis. He admitted he would drink anywhere from a case of beer, to 35-40 beers

“I could drink, probably a case to 35 beers a day, or 40… Easily, yeah.”

He then said he would start drinking whiskey after the beer.


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock