On This Date: Alabama Released Their 26th #1 Single, “High Cotton” Back In 1989

Alabama country music

Alabama was truly one of a kind when it comes to country music.

We’re talking about a band that grew in popularity like a wildfire, practically overnight, with their unique spin on country music that brought a ton of new fans to the genre.

Sure, some people may have called them “pop” back then, but their music was easy on the ears, and their 33 number one singles proves it. And countrier than cow shit compared to the stuff you hear on the radio today.

Speaking of Alabama’s all-time greatest hits and number ones, one of my favorites from the band was their 1989 single, “High Cotton.”

In the song, lead singer Randy Owen sings about a time growing up, where he believed that his family was doing just fine financially, but little did he know that his family was truly struggling to make ends meet. Nevertheless, they always felt like they were walking in “high cotton.”

It’s an all time classic, that has withstood the test of time over the past 33 years.

With that being said, the song was actually released on this date back in 1989.

Written by Scott Anders and Roger Murrah, the song was Alabama’s third single from their 1989 album, Southern Star.

“High Cotton” was also the band’s 26th charting number one single, adding to their already impressive music catalog.

Just talk about some lyrics that will take you straight back to the good ol’ days:

“We were walkin’ in high cotton,
Old times there are not forgotten,
Those fertile fields are never far away,
We were walkin’ in high cotton,
Old time there are not forgotten,
Leavin’ home was the hardest thing we ever faced…”

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