Man Saves Drowning Bald Eagle While Tidal Bore Rafting In Canada

bald eagle rescue

You gotta love to see it.

Out in the great wild, enjoying all the sights and scenes and someone comes across an amazing animal that is clearly in some trouble. It’s easy to just keep on rolling by, but good people don’t just do nothing.

Especially and animal like a bald eagle.

CBC News says Emmett Blois, former Big Brother Canada and Amazing Race Canada star was out working, running a tidal bore raft on the Shubenacadie River in Nova Scotia, Canada, when he came across a bald eagle that was having some trouble in the water.

Blois came across a group of eagles hanging out on the river. Five of the eagles flew away while this one stayed put.

As the tidal bore came in, in an area that has the highest tides in the world, the eagle was hit by the wave and seemingly stuck in the water.

This is when Blois jumped into action. They caught the whole encounter on video as they dig the drowning bird out of the water and into the boat.

The eagle can be seen biting as Blois as the boat gets the eagle to shore, but appears to calm down once he wraps her up and she realizes he is not a threat.

They took her to a wildlife shelter until she was good to be released into the wild.

Love it.

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