Two Hunters Work Tirelessly To Save Young Bull Elk Stuck In Mud Hole

This is what its all about.

You know there’s a lot of things a lot of different people have to say about hunting and wildlife. There’s lots of people who just don’t understand that a hunter could love the animal that it spends countless amounts of time chasing.

But, it’s true… and it’s hard to argue with a video like this one.

You know, I see a lot of these so-called animal lovers going to National Parks and causing trouble constantly. Always getting to close to animals and stressing them out just over a selfie. It’s refreshing to see something on the opposite side of things where a hunter is clearly the better person than some of these national park goers.

These two hunters were out for a stroll when they came across this young elk stuck in a mud hole. As they cautiously approached they realized the elk was in some trouble.

They put together a quick plan and grabbed onto a log to use as a leverage pole. The tried to pry the elk out but it was too stuck. So they attached rope to its antlers and one of the pried as the other pulled. The pulled and pulled and finally started to make some progress.

There was no help from the elk as it was to tired to try anymore and was nearing the point of completely giving up.

Finally, they are able to get him up and out of the hole as they excitedly watch the bull run to its freedom.

Sure is a kind act from the people who chase these animals every year…

That’s a real hunter for ya.

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