Virginia Man Uses Creepy Halloween Doll To Hilariously Keep Black Bears Out Of Garbage

Bear garbage virginia

Sometimes problems need creative solutions.

This is one of those creative solutions.

If there’s one thing black bears are known for, it’s getting into your garbage and making a big mess. They will tear apart every bag you have in there just to lick a single crumb off of one wrapper, or lick the juice off of some meat packaging.

They aren’t graceful with it either, they really will make a massive mess in the process.

Naturally, it can become a large nuisance if you have a bear hanging around. Everyone has garbage and the bear is going to try to get in. We can’t keep it inside because it smells and the smell is what draws the bears in. It’s just the never-ending battle as we sprawl out and animals learn to adapt to human environments.

Sometimes solutions to these problems can be pricey if it needs to be dealt with. Relocating bears doesn’t always work and bear-proof garbage cans are hard to justify buying.

This man in Salem, Virginia, came up with a creative and cost-effective way to deter the bear and caught it all on camera so we could have a laugh.

A trail camera shows your typical garbage bin with a creepy Halloween decoration hanging from it.

The bear checks over the scene as a trail camera captures everything. As he decides he’s going to do what he has been doing at everyone’s garbage, he’s about to learn a lesson. That lesson is to stay away from this guys garbage.

The bear pulls the garbage bin and the motion censored doll lets out a creepy crackling laugh that scares the crap out of the bear as it takes right off.

That’s a great way to deal with the bear problem.

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