Guy In A Clayton Kershaw Jersey Absolutely Walloped A Fellow Dodgers Fan At The Home Run Derby

A group of people in a stadium

I’ll admit, the annual Home Run Derby has gotten 10 times more electric since they started doing head on head timed matches, instead of “Everybody gets 50 pitches and we’re gonna take six hours to finish this thing.”

It’s a lot more exciting, and the players seem to stay much more engaged as well.

Although Washington Nationals star Juan Soto defeated Julio Rodriguez of the Seattle Mariners in a nail biter last night at Dodger Stadium, that may not have been the most exciting thing to happen in that stadium…

Because once again, we have fans in the stands brawling it out like there’s no tomorrow over a meaningless Home Run Derby.

In fact, this may be more meaningless than an NBA Summer League game, where we saw a dude in a Carmelo Anthony jersey obliterate an annoying Lakers fan in Vegas.

In the video, you can see a number of Dodgers fans circling around each other, while two of them started going at it.

However, the bald guy with the Clayton Kershaw jersey ends up getting the last laugh, as he sends some BRUTAL right crosses to the other guy (also in a Clayton Kershaw jersey).

It all went south the second he tried to fix his hat in the middle of a fight… what are you doing, man? Just let it fall off…

But, I am curious, how does a brawl like this start at a Home Run Derby? Did they have a bet going? Are they high school arch nemesis, and this is the first time they’ve seen each other since graduation? Too much alcohol? All the above?

The world may never know…

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