Lakers Fan Gets His A** Whooped By Dude In A Carmelo Anthony Jersey During Meaningless Summer League Game

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We’ve seen a number of fights happen in the football, basketball, and baseball stands.

However, 99.8% of them have occurred during a regular season game, where it actually means something.

With that being said, I’m here to talk about that last .1%…

We’re talking about a brawl that broke out in the stands of an NBA Summer League game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Charlotte Hornets at the Thomas & Mack Center Vegas today.

Apparently, according to Outkick, it all went down after a loudmouth Lakers fan started taunting the crowd for absolutely no reason.

The Lakers fan rips his shirt off and tosses his hat, and apparently this was enough to strike a nerve in a dude reppin’ a Carmelo Anthony jersey a few seats down from him.

Next thing you know, Melo jersey walks over and starts landing some haymakers on the rowdy Lakers fan, and ends up holding him against the ground until other fans walk over and break things up quite quickly.

Imagine being this guy… getting your ass whooped at a pointless summer league game.

How embarrassing.

Then again… does every shit-talker deserve to get their ass kicked? Pretty sure that’s a crime, bro…

Either way, here’s the wild footage:

Another angle leading up to the fight:

Gonna be a long season…

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