Farmer Hilariously Grabs Canada Lynx By The Scruff & Scolds It For Attacking His Chickens

A cat and a person

When it comes to managing animals, farmers are some of the best people in the world.

I mean, it’s what they live and breathe. Whether it’s looking after there own or fending off something wild that comes in to their area, they are just always dealing with different critters.

Not too many people would be willing to grab a lynx by the scruff of the neck either, but this farmer who has been around the block a time or two is willing to do more than your average Joe.

However, he was mad as hell that this Canada lynx broke into his chicken coop. If you’ve ever had your own chickens, you know that just keeping them away from predators is half the battle.

He starts the video holding the Lynx by the scruff of the neck and giving him a stern talkin’ to… like he’s disciplining a child for leaving the gate open or something.

As he tears into the cat, it lets out a growl that tells you he is not a happy camper. But then again, neither is this farmer:

“Let’s go see the damage you did buddy. Yeah? Should we go see the damage you did? How many chickens did you get? You got some of our new ones. Not good is it? No.

No, it’s not good. First the owl then you, let’s go have a look at the damage. There’s one. See how upset you made everyone? There’s two, that’s two of our new chickens.

These guys are pretty upset over there.”

 The coop looks like a massacre and it takes a lot to make a chicken coop worse than it already is.

Either way, this is just a good ol’ boy being himself making as all have a laugh at a situation that wouldn’t make most laugh.

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