Watching These Two Black Bear Cubs Wrestle Is The Cutest Thing You Will See All Day

Two bears on a deck

Black bears are just a cool animals.

The perfect combination of mischievous and curious, black bear videos pop up on the internet every other day, and they always seem to be up to no good in their own way.

Whether they’re picking up a GoPro and taking a selfie, scaling a rock wall or opening up a car door with people in the vehicle, it always makes very a very interesting video.

It’s almost hard to wrap your head around how smart they are.

Bear cubs are some of the cutest animals that run through the woods. There’s a lot of cute baby animals out there, but there’s just something about a black bear cub. I think it’s the fact they are incredibly small and just remind a person of a teddy bear.

It makes ya want to grab right ahold of one and pull it in for a hug even though that could end up being the worst mistake of your life. So, I don’t recommend that…

These bear cubs were caught by a security camera hanging out on someone’s front porch. They start to have a good old fashion sibling fight.

To bear cubs, play fighting is an extremely important way of learning. It teaches them young how to protect themselves and also fight back a bit. It also helps them gets stronger as they compete with each other.

The mother bear is seen in the background as the cute cubs duke it out for a couple minutes. The pair roll around and stand up biting at each other just having a good time and preparing for a life in the wild.

According to the owner of the house, they come around pretty often:

“Bears regularly visit my front porch and yard. They often get in my handyman’s truck and he has to wait for them to vacate before he can get back in. Approximately 7 bears visit the area regularly.”

Keep that doorbell cam rolling… this is some great footage.


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