Black Bears Free Solo Scale A Rock Face Like An Expert Climber

Free Solo over here…

Free solo rock climbing is some of the scariest stuff on the planet. No ropes, no harness, no equipment… just you and the rock face. Well-known free solo climber Alex Honnold scaled Yosemite’s El Capitan in the 2018 documentary Free Solo and it’s so intense it’s almost hard to watch.

One slip and you fall to your death…

Enter Mr. black bear here.

Black bears are far more intelligent than we would like to believe most times. Even when they get themselves into large predicaments its always due to them being curious and incredible intelligent.

These bears here though are extra special. They are endangered Mexican Black Bears. They are the only sub-species of Black Bear that is endangered in North America.

However, for a species highly at risk, these are some very risky individuals.

If my population was on the brink of extinction I wouldn’t be climbing no rock wall especially when its not something I do regularly.

Black Bears in general are a very agile species, and excellent climbers, but they are known to climb trees in particular to gain access to different foods and for protection.

But there’s a massive difference between a tree and a rock face. Bears typically use their claws to climb trees safely… not as effective on a rock wall.

A woman was out kayaking in Mexico when she came across a mother bear with two cubs climbing a giant rock face.

These bears are scaling the wall with no safety nets at all making their way up like a professional adrenaline junky. Is this why they’re endangered?

The mother goes along with ease while the cub struggles a bit with its size constraints. They eventually make their way over flat faces to a ridge line and up to safety.

Impressive stuff.

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