South Texas Tweek Releases New Single, “Feelin’ Good”

South Texas Tweek country music

Up and coming honky tonker South Texas Tweek is back with his latest single “Feelin’ Good.”

Acquiring the peculiar nickname “Tweek” after being diagnosed with tourette’s syndrome as a child, the Houston, TX area native has quickly and quietly amassed a strong following of fans.

He released his first single “Count on Me” in December of 2020, and quickly followed it up with “50 Dollars a Week” in February 2021 and “New Tattoos” the following June.

Now, over a year since his last release, Tweek is back with a steel-soaked tune about how lonely it can be to live fast and crash hard.

“Wakin’ up at 3pm
Swearing off cocaine again
Wonderin’ to myself where the night went south
Well there’s a train roarin’ in my chest
I can’t seem to catch my breath
Gotta poundin’ head and an ashtray in my mouth

But the whiskey and the weed
They’ve often times seemed
Like the only true friends I’ve ever had
That demon in white, she’ll keep you up all night
All that feelin’ good can make a man feel bad…”

Check out South Texas Tweek’s fourth single for yourself:

“Feelin’ Good”

Here’s “50 Dollars a Week,” too.

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