Tom Brady Reveals Biggest Problem He And Gisele Face Raising Their Kids… And It’s The Most Rich People Problem Imaginable

Tom Brady
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It’s no secret that Tom Brady and his family no longer have to worry about money… For the rest of their lives.

We’re talking about the greatest statistical quarterback in NFL history, who has an estimated net worth of $250 million, and him and his wife combined are worth an estimated $700 million, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they pay people a good bit of money to pick up crumbs off the floor every day.

With that being said, Brady recently sat down for the Drive podcast with Jim Farley, where he discussed one of the biggest problems him and Gisele face as parents of their two kids, nine-year-old Vivian Lake, and 12-year-old Benjamin Rein…

And as you can imagine, this is a difficult one for us normal folk to comprehend.

He told Farley:

“We have people that clean for us. We have people that make our food. We have people that drive us to the airport if we need that… we get off a plane and there’s people waiting there for us and we get ushered in.

That’s my kids’ reality which is the hard part to say, ‘guys, this is not the way reality really is’… what can we do about that?”

So in simpler terms, their biggest problem they face with their kids, is teaching them how to be “normal.”

I wish I had that problem….

However, he also talked about how both him and Gisele grew up completely opposite to their kids now:

“My wife grew up in rural Brazil, the farthest state south, Rio Grande do Sul, a very small kind of farming town, very simple girl. There are two bedrooms in their house… one for their parents and one for her and her five sisters.

I grew up in, I would say, a middle-class family in California, my dad worked his ass off for our family. My mom stayed at home and took care of us kids and I saw my mom work every day to make food for us at night and wash our clothes and now they supported us by coming to all our games and it was amazing and then I look at my life with my family and it’s so fast.”

You can’t blame the Brady’s for using the resources that Tom and Gisele have worked so hard for over the years, but you can imagine that reality is probably gonna hit their kids like a freight train at some point down the line.

Then again, I suppose they can just live off the trust fund someday…

Nevertheless, if that’s the worst problem, they’re doing alright,

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