Bill Burr Calls Out Feminists For Not Showing Up To WNBA Games: “The Kardashians Are Making Billions… You’d Rather Watch That Sh*t”

Bill Burr speaking into a microphone

If you’re looking for an unapologetic, no f*cks given comedian who isn’t afraid to offend a single person on this planet (seriously, the guy takes no prisoners), look no further than Bill Burr.

If you’re in the crowd at one of his comedy shows, you better buckle up… it’s not for the faint of heart.

Nevertheless, the guy is absolutely hilarious, and he was back at it again here recently on his Netflix special Bill Burr: Live at Red Rocks, which dropped today.

And the victims this time? Cancel culture, feminism and more.

And sorry ladies, but he’s coming at you… particularly when it comes to women’s sports.

It’s no secret that women’s sports struggle to generate the same crowds that men’s sports do. And according to ol’ Bill, the blame falls solely on the shoulders of… women.

First off, he gets the crowd going by talking about the revenue disparities between men’s and women’s sports, particularly when it comes to soccer and the WNBA. For Bill, the answer was real simple….

“You don’t sell any f*cking tickets. Nobody is going to women’s soccer games. You’re playing in a 20,000-seat arena, 1,500 people show up. That’s not a good night! The promoter lost his f*cking ass on that gig.

Nobody’s watching your f*cking sport and then you’re gonna come an get mad at f*cking men. They keep doing that sh*t. Why are you yelling at us? It’s not my f*cking job to give a f*ck about women’s soccer…

And then it’s the WNBA’s turn:

“Look at the WNBA… nobody in the WNBA got COVID. Nobody. They have been playing in front of 300 to 400 people a night for a quarter of a century. Not to mention, it’s a male-subsidized league. We gave you a f*cking  league and none of you showed up. Where are all the feminists?

That place should be packed with feminists… faces painted, wearing jerseys, flashing their titties… going f*cking nuts like the guys do in the upper deck.

None of you went to the f*cking games. You failed them. Not me. Not men… women failed the WNBA. Ladies, name your Top 5 all-time WNBA players of all time. Let’s hear it? Name 5 WNBA teams. Name the WNBA team in your city. You can’t do it!

You don’t give a f*ck about them.”

Burr even brought the Kardashians into the equation, basically saying that they’re making billions of dollars by doing absolutely nothing:

Meanwhile, you look at the Kardashians… they’re making billions. You look at those Real Housewives shows, they’re making money hand over fist. Because that’s what women are watching and the money listens. You don’t wanna watch this sh*t? They shoot it over there… drowning these whores in money, purses and shoes and botox, it’s just raining money.

So, the money listens. You’d rather watch that sh*t, Real Housewives, just a bunch of women tearing each other down. That’s the message you send… we’d rather watch that than a bunch of women come together as a team and try to achieve a common goal.

We’d rather watch them absolutely f*cking destroy each other. And then in the end, you come back… and you yell at f*cking guys.”

Bill is coming in HOT.

Bill Burr: Live At Redrocks officially hit Netflix today… here’s a quick synopsis:

“Bill Burr sounds off on cancel culture, feminism, getting bad reviews from his wife and a life-changing epiphany during a fiery stand-up set.”

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