Go Inside Miranda Lambert’s Vintage ’54 Flying Cloud Airstream, “Wanda the Wanderer”

This is probably the coolest Airstream I’ve ever seen.

Miranda Lambert recently showed off her vintage Airstream affectionally nicknamed “Wanda the Wanderer,” as the camper has traveled everywhere on tour with the Texas native for the last decade.

A ’54 Flying Cloud model designed by the Junk Gypsy Company in Round Top, Texas, it has the coolest decor and looks very Miranda.

It even includes a church pew that doubles as a rolling bar (iconic), as well as spot in the back with some cool velvet chairs that Miranda says is the hangout place at the end of the night after a show.

And as you’d imagine, Wanda has seen some things during her time on the road, as Miranda joked:

“Thank God her walls can’t talk, ‘cuz there are stories from in here.”

The Airstream also features a badass snakeskin upholstered seating area for a rock and roll feel, as well as homemade curtains that are a cute nod to lyrics from Miranda’s song, “Airstream Song,” from her 2009 Revolution album.

Actually, Wanda was totaled about five years ago, but they found a donor Airstream and put a new half on the damaged side so she really looks good as new.

And another time recently, Wanda got run off the road and flipped, but of course, kept her little metal crown on through it all (yes, she has a real crown on at all times):

“Even though she flipped, the driver was okay, and she kept her crown on like a true road queen. So, like, Wanda’s out forever now.”

What I would give to have a good strong drink with with Miranda in here… check it out for yourself:

“Airstream Song”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock