Well-Known Trophy Hunter, Riaan Naude, Fatally Shot In South Africa

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Trophy hunting in Africa is always a debatable topic.

Many folks, including many hunters, detest hunting animals like lions, elephants, and rhinoceros.

Me personally? Not a fan of it.

I think there is quite a bit of misinformation about safari hunting, as far as its effects on animal populations and how it impacts locals in the area, but still… it’s not for me.

That being said, well-known African safari hunter and guide of Pro Hunt Africa, Riaan Naude, was shot and killed in South Africa recently.

According to New York Post, Naude was found near his vehicle on Marken Road in Limpopo, South Africa. His vehicle reportedly overheated and another car pulled up alongside him and eventually shot him near Kruger National Park wildlife reserve.

The two men reportedly took one of his handguns.

Police spokesperson Lt.col. Mamphaswa Seabi said officers found his body and that “the man was lying with his face up and there was blood on his head and face.”

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