Tyler Hood’s “Five Miles Over The Limit” Proves He Needs To Be On Your Radar ASAP

I was scrolling through Instagram today when I saw that Western AF released a new video.

I let the music play through my Airpods as I downed some potato chips during my lunch hour when I was struck with a very odd familiarity… this sounds like a mild Tyler Childers from Red Barn Radio.

Now I’m in a deep dive.

Tyler Hood was the winner of the 2021 Gems in the Rough competition, and it looks like you can find him on Spotify under the band name Hill Figs.

He submitted his 2021 contest video in the middle of a lake, in the snow, in Indiana. The song original song has relatable lyrics and a catchy chorus.

Now, I’m really in the thick of it…. on to his GemsonVHS video.

He performs his original, “Along Here With You,” and WOW, he needs to cut this one ASAP.

The lyrics talk about wasting time on a doomed relationship from the start, an easy topic for a young person to relate to.

Tyler Hood has a bright future ahead of him. Get this man in the studio as soon as possible…

And props to WesternAF for noticing Tyler’s talent.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock