Jon Pardi Is Not A Dad Yet, But I Can Tell He’s Ready

Jon Pardi country music

I’ve always been a Jon Pardi fan.

But ever since he made his outstanding appearance on the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast, he’s been creeping into “most likable country star” territory, at least among mainstream country artists.

And after the latest gem he dropped on his Instagram stories, I think I know why he’s caught my eye: Jon Pardi is a dad icon just waiting to happen.

Pardi hit Instagram with the classic, “stud finder” dad joke.

And as a public figure, he is directly responsible for thousands of copycats out there this week who are hanging pictures on the wall, building shelves, or just going through their toolboxes when their poor, unsuspecting wife walks by.

In fact, it’s been at least a few years since I’ve used that one, so I can’t wait to run it back this weekend when my wife asks me what I’m doing with my toolbox out in the hallway. I might just set out the stud finder on the kitchen counter right now to increase my chances….

It’s not just the stud finder joke, either. Pardi brought the full picture of dad life to Instagram. He’s got a tape measure latched onto his belt, as he’s clearly in the midst of a major project. He’s sporting a Jason Aldean concert t-shirt, showing the world that he’s still cool enough to have music merch. And most importantly, he’s sporting the centerpiece of dad fashion: cargo shorts.

I’m sure they’re functional for Pardi during his home maintenance project. But they’re also fashionable in a certain segment of the population: people who have a couple kids, a beer gut, and a few more dad jokes where that stud finder one came from. Those cargo pockets can hold stud finders, sure.

But they’re best used for used tissues, goldfish crackers, orphan Legos, and anything else that comes out of your kid’s mouth while you’re out and about.

Get this man a couple garage beers and a Home Depot credit card, because Jon Pardi is officially ready for fatherhood.

Whether he’s riffing on taking shits in dive bars, lionizing the guy who rides his lawnmower to the liquor store, or denying he sees anything when girls flash him onstage (we believe you, Jon… wink, wink), Jon Pardi continues to be funny, relatable, and acts more and more like a dad the more you pay attention.

He just got married in 2020, so we’ll give him some time to settle in and decide whether having a family is right for him and his lovely wife, Summer. But if he does, all his followers on the ‘Gram are in for a treat.

If Pardi’s already using the stud finder joke, who knows what kinds of dad jokes he’ll be capable of once he makes it official.

Here’s a little taste of what we might be in for, courtesy of the kind of clever wordplay dads are known for:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock