A Ukrainian Goat Reportedly Set Off Russian Tripwires, Injuring Several Russian Troops

A goat on a tank
Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Somebody give this goat a medal or something.

According to the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine, a goat in Ukraine set off a few tripwires set up by the Russians, and resulted in injuring a number of Moscow’s own soldiers.

The wild event happened in the village of Kinski Rozdory in Zaporizhzhia Oblast. The group stated that around 40 Russian troops had overtaken a local hospital, and set up a number of tripwires connected to grenades around them.

However, the setup completely backfired on them, after this one Ukrainian goat from a nearby farm showed up.

The group said:

“As a result of the goat’s ‘chaotic’ movements, the animal ‘disposed of’ several grenades. As a result of a chain reaction, several (Russians) sustained injuries of varying degrees of severity.”

Although it is still unknown if the goat survived this explosion or not, you might as well put this one down in the record books.

Local officials stated that approximately 60% of Zaporizhzhia Oblast has been seized by Russian forces.

How unfortunate for those guys (sarcasm). They spent all that time setting up tripwires just nearly get killed by a rogue goat?

Pretty embarrassing, I must say… ol’ Vlad isn’t gonna like hearing this.

Of course, like anything from Ukraine and Russia right now, what’s true and what isn’t is hard to distinguish.

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