Pair Of Dummies Out Fishing Whack Hornet Nest With Paddle, Pay A Painful Price

Stupid is as stupid does, right Forest Gump?

There’re just somethings you don’t do because the consequences aren’t worth it regardless of the fun, regardless of the possibility of getting away free and clear. This is one of those.

Hornets nest are one of those things you just don’t need to mess with. No one wants to get stung once, let alone over and over and over…

These certified idiots must have been into more than a few wobbly pops on this day, as it would take a case each to think this was an intelligent idea.

The pair of fishermen have a video going while on their way towards a hornet’s nest, you can see they are in a small boat with only a trolling motor attached.

As they get close to the tree with the nest one of them pulls back with a paddle and pretends to be Barry Bonds for a second as he tries to smash one out of the park. He’s not Barry Bonds…

Now, there’s nothing wrong with using a trolling motor, but one is never going to get you away from a large nest full of hornets. It just won’t have the juice.

And to literally nobody’s surprise, except maybe them, as they pull away, they get swarmed and attacked by the whole nest.

The man drives into the bushes and throws his paddle, only making things worse while they attempt their piss poor escape.

There’s no telling what the damage is, but make no mistake these fellas are in pain.

Lesson learned… hopefully.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock