101-Year-Old Mississippi Woman Bags Two Deer With One Shot

Deer hunter

Age is just a number.

I guess Toby Keith’s saying “I ain’t as good as I once was,” doesn’t pertain to this 101-year-old woman, because her hunting skills never left her.

Bertha Vickers was just coming off her 101st birthday, and decided to celebrate in her favorite way possible, in her hunting blind.

The Mississippi native had struggled in the blind a few days leading up to her birthday, missing a few golden opportunities.

However, a doe strutted by the blind, and her eyes opened big and wide, as she knew she had a clear shot at this one.

In 2019, Vickers had told the Clarion Ledger that she wanted her a biggin’:

“I decided to wait for a bigger one. Before long, a bigger doe came out and I shot.”

With that being said, all of the bad luck that had plagued her the days leading up to the hunt, finally turned on her for the better, as she ended up bagging two doe:

“Then I saw two deer on the ground. It shot plum through both of them. They both dropped right there. They didn’t take another step. I knew it was back there, but I didn’t realize it was that close to her where it could get shot.”

However, she wasn’t all that impressed with the shot:

“I don’t know why everybody is making such a big deal about it. If I’d killed a big buck I could see it, but it was just a doe.”

There ya go Bertha, act like ya been there before… And she certainly has.

I just hope I even make it to my 101st birthday, and ol’ Bertha is out here baggin’ doe.

80-Year-Old Grandma Kills Buck Through Kitchen Window While Making Lunch


Meet 81-year-old Virginia Luce from East Texas. Virginia is a grandmother, recently retired after 25 years as a registered nurse, and a FOUR time cancer survivor. She also happens to have one of the craziest hunting stories you’ll come by.

She killed an 11-point buck FROM HER KITCHEN WINDOW in Houston County while making lunch for her and her husband during the winter of ’20.

“It’s a pretty good spot,” she told Dallas Morning News.

“My husband and I have hunted and fished together for our entire married life — 63 years. I usually kill a buck every year, but we don’t allow anyone to shoot the momma deer. The way I see it, if you leave the girls alone, the boys will come.”

There’s something about these stories of older folks battling wild animals (such as fighting off a croc with a frying pan), or hunting, that the internet needs more of. The feel-good internet of yesteryear.

As for Virginia and her husband, the two keep some corn feeders on their property through Texas’ white-tail season, with Virginia keeping tabs on what’s going on outside.

“I do all my hunting from the house now.

My kitchen is my deer stand. We take the screen off one of the windows every fall. I can see a pretty good ways from there.”

She’s a helluva shot.

“That .30-30 is a great brush gun for East Texas, but I like my .243 pretty good, too,” she told the news.

What a boss.

Way to go, grandma. Lunch is served.

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