Australian Man Whacks A Crocodile With A Frying Pan In Hilarious Viral Video

Alligator pan
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This video screams, Florida Man…

I even had this whole blog written up about a Florida man beating an alligator with a frying pan, and had to delete the entire thing since this is a crocodile and actually took place in Australia (of course it did).

I mean, where else is someone this casual about fighting off crocodiles… we’ve all seen Crocodile Dundee.

Anyways, this viral video comes to us from Goat Island, a tiny island on the Adelaide River in Australia’s Northern Territory.

It’s basically in the middle of nowhere Australia, AKA the “everything will probably kill you here” part of Australia, and the man with the frying pan is a local legend named “King Kai Hansen” who runs a lodge with tours in that area.

He also has a “pet” croc named Casey, and he had a dog named Pippa that would chase crocs back into the water… however, in 2018, Pippa was eaten by… you guessed it, a croc.

In 2014 profile with Forbes, Kai explained what made him move to the remote island and it’s one that any country boy could sympathize with:

“I’ve been on the island for 14 years and lived in a rural area for 25 years before that. It was all good there, but then they put in a supermarket and traffic lights around the corner. I’m a country boy, I don’t want bloody traffic lights. That’s for city people.

In those days I still lived together with my darling wife, we sat around having drinks and she said, a couple of times, ‘I’ll buy an island and there will never be any traffic lights.’

The next day there was an advert in the paper with an island for sale, this one, the only freehold island in the whole Northern Territory.”


That being said, I don’t know if fighting off crocs in a critter-infested island is what I have in mind when I think of getting out of the city.

Nevertheless, Kai us going mega-viral right now, and even though he’s a native of Denmark, he’s giving us his best Florida Man right here.

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