Watch A Grandpa-Grandson Duo Rescue Distressed Deer From Irrigation Pit In Colorado

Talk about a heartwarming moment.

A grandpa and grandson out of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, noticed a buck that had gotten stuck in a pit used for the irrigation system.

You can tell the buck was in distress, as he was covered in mud and was stuck in water from the neck down, unable to move, and there’s no telling how long he had been stuck down there.

So, the grandpa-grandson duo decided to make a classy move, and pull the deer out before it either drowned or died of starvation.

“My dad, my grandpa, and I found this little buck deer that had fallen into part of an irrigation system.

Couldn’t not help it, so my grandpa and I pulled the deer out as gently as possible to save its life.”

Moving some brush that had further trapped the buck in the pit, the two slowly and carefully grabbed his legs, pulling him out to safety.

The deer scampered off for a few feet, stopped for a second and looked back at the two who had just rescued him, almost as if it were a thank you for saving his life.

Although the Wildlife Rescue League highly recommends to alert some professionals who know how to rescue wildlife in situations like these, it’s obvious that these two guys knew what they were doing, and it’s awesome to see they were able to rescue it without risking the safety of the deer, or themselves.

Much respect.

Group Of Men Rescue Deer With Head Stuck In The Fence

Wildlife does some pretty crazy stuff.

And sometimes, it’s just flat out hard to watch.

These animals are going to increasingly find themselves in more urban areas as we continue to expand our cities and towns around the country. The thing is, it’s not a natural environment for these animals.

So, it’s understandable that they get worked up, confused, frightened and even aggressive trying to navigate their ever-changing environments.

My guess, which is as good as any, would be this deer was in full-on panic mode and made some pretty terrible decisions.

WARNING: If you don’t like seeing an animal in any sort of discomfort, please just move along to another post… this one is pretty messed up.

The video, coming to us from Montreal, Canada, starts with two men working on a deer with its head stuck in a fence. A rather comical situation no doubt. I mean, how does it go through so easy, and yet, getting it back through so hard?

One of the men is pulling and guiding the other what way to move. The other man using a pole for some leverage.


The deer lets out a massive moan as they give a good tug. Its head pops through the fence and the deer takes off running and shaking its head.

The crowd is all happy to have helped out, a job well done. These fellas rescued a deer today, and I imagine they can’t wait to get home and tell their wives/girlfriends about the deer rescue they performed today.

The joy only lasts a short while though… in a matter of seconds, they watch the deer run off and he cuts a hard left and takes the leap of his life, the last one at that.


The deer jumps straight off a bridge. The crowd runs over to see how the deer faired.

“That’s fucked up, after all that.”

“Oh, he’s fucked”

The deer has landed on the pavement, breathing his last breaths. No one wants to see this deer suffer…

Saving the deer from the rails of the bridge, only for it to die over the edge… tragic and ironic.

As they say, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

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