The Best Shot From Koe Wetzel & Casey Donahew’s Round Of Golf In Mexico Was… With A Watermelon

Koe Wetzel country music

Nothin’ like hittin’ the links on the sunny shores of Mexico.

Over the past couple weeks, Koe Wetzel, Wade Bowen, Josh Abbott, Mike Ryan, Randy Rogers, and more headed down to Cabo San Lucas for Casey Donahew’s two-week long, Boots on the Beach Festival.

I mean, some of Texas’ finest music, plus Mexico, plus tequila… you can’t beat it with a stick.

And naturally, when you’re on “vacation” in Mexico… you play a little golf.

Casey and Koe hit the links with Mike Ryan, Dre (Koe’s tour manager) Jeb (Koe’s manager), and John Park (AKA Jape Media, Koe’s video and photo guy), when someone in the crew decided to swap out a golf ball for a watermelon…

And hit the shot of his life.

Here’s the story from John, the man always behind the camera:

“Well, Jeb sees these watermelons and decides to roll one down the hill for fun, we thought nothing of it until it actually rolled right into the flag.”

Roll the tape:

(* turn off AdBlocker to watch this video)

I mean, I wasn’t there… but I’m just go ahead and say this was the shot of the day.

Look out John Daly…

Oh, and you might just wanna start planning for Boots on the Beach 2023… these boys have a fucking TIME.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock