This New Space Age “Taco Bell Defy” Looks Like A Bank & Is Absolutely Useless…

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What in the Back to the Future sorcery is this?

We’ve all come to know and love Taco Bell for having some of the best drunk food on the planet.

Do we know what we’re putting into our body when eating it? No. Do we want to know what we’re putting into our body? Absolutely not.

All we know is that when you’re about 15 beers and a few shots deep at 2 AM, Taco Bell is always there for us.

With that being said, Taco Bell appears to be looking to take their game up a notch, as they’ve opened the new “Taco Bell Defy” in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.

First off, I just want to point out how the news anchor in this video perfectly describes this place as looking like a “bank,” because that’s 100% what it looks like. Put Chase on the top and paint it blue and you wouldn’t know the difference.

One of the lines is for ordering and pay, and the others are used for pickups from pre-orders on the app, and for delivery drivers as well, making the drive-thru process much quicker.

I’ll admit, a part of me loves the old-fashioned, retro style of Taco Bells, but another part of me absolutely hates the fact it feels like an hour to sit through their drive-thrus.

But here’s the problem… nine times out of ten, I’m eating Taco Bell when I’m rip shit drunk… and I’m supposed to get it together, sober up, and drive through some kind of space age, high tech Taco Bell drive thru?

It’s not gonna happen…

Even if you were to get dropped off, you’re gonna figure out how to use QR codes, pre-orders, digital menus? No, just let me talk to a person so I can order my Cheesy Gordita Crunch and get on with my life.

Get rid of it…

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A beer bottle on a dock