Giant Bouncer Slaps The Daylights Out Of Tiny Drunk Guy After Launching Him 10 Feet With One Hand

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I actually need to set this up with the top-voted YouTube comment on this video…

“Slapped him so hard he started looking for Ninja turtles.”

There’s not much context here, but from the looks of it you have a bouncer at a bar (in Spain) outside of the venue trying to keep his cool with a little drunk dude (it’s always the teeny tiny ones, right?) who repeatedly gets too close, and too touchy.

This bouncer is a damn mountain, as you can see, so you know where this is headed.

At first, the one hand launch sends the drunk flying about 10 feet across the alley.

And then the slap heard around the world, which brings us back to that gem of a YouTube comment.

Here it is.

I don’t know what it is with little bitty drunk guys and the smallest dogs being the loudest…


While that was embarrassing for our buddy who lost some brain cells, this might take the cake. Having your son carry you out of a grocery story like the baby that you are.

This gem comes to us out of Tuscon, Arizona, at the local Sprouts Supermarket of all places (around the beginning of COVID).

The video picks up in the middle of your standard mask confrontation, I mean, you know the deal by now: store employee says “hey dude, you gotta wear a mask in the store” and then middle-aged, unathletic dad (who ironically dresses in Walmart athletic wear) starts screaming that everybody is a p*ssy and that’ll he’ll fight the whole store.

You’ve seen it dozens of time, but this particular instance we have the youngest son (clearly the bright one of the family) who literally picks up dad in a bear hug and carries his pops right out of the store.

Props to the other two brothers for standing their with their tails between their legs.

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