Bear Hilariously Gets Instant Payback For Breaking Water Tank, Takes A Hose To The Nuts

Karma at work.

This here is just a bear being bear.

They are actually hilarious to watch. The way the act, move around, and the mischievous way they like get into pretty much anything. Whether it’s your car, your garbage can, your house… or even your water tank.

This bear has clearly got back itch like nobody’s business, rolling around and grabbing onto to everything.

He gets ahold of a hose coming off of a water tank as he’s in the midst of his little fit. As the bear stands straight up he twists and pulls this hose over his shoulder. It lets go from the tank and swings over and nails him right in the nuts.


At first, he plays it off cool. Then he gets back on all fours and hilarious dances around trying to get the ol’ boys to come back out from inside him.

I haven’t laughed this hard in a while.

Never before has watching an animal do something or get injured made me cringe and feel for it in a way we can all understand. It’s rare that you can relate to a bear, but right here, I feel ya buddy.

The bear rolls around, walks it off, and seems to be alright.

It’s really just no different than any guys reactions if he gets a good wack between the wickets.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock