Oklahoma Cowboys Wrangle Cow That Got Loose In The Middle Of The Highway

A group of people riding horses

When Toby Keith said he should have learned to rope and ride, he probably wasn’t thinking about the interstate in the middle of Oklahoma City.

But cowboys never know when or where they’ll be needed.

A cow got loose on I-40 in Oklahoma City, and a couple of guys on horseback had to come in and wrangle the beast in the middle of the highway.

Camera footage from KOCO 5 News flying overhead shows two UTVs trying to chase and trap the fleeing cow, but he manages to squeeze by them – until a guy on a horse rides in, lasso flying, and manages to rope the cow’s head and get him under control.

Another cowboy quickly rides up and gets the hind legs to bring down the escaped livestock – and bring the chase to an end.

Oh, and all this is going down while cars are flying by on the other side of the highway.

Just like they do it on the Dutton ranch, right?

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