Amber Heard Starred In Brooks & Dunn’s “Red Dirt Road” Music Video And I’ll Never Watch It The Same Way Again

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It’s undoubtedly one of my favorite Brooks & Dunn songs.

But I’ll never be able to watch the music video for “Red Dirt Road” the same way again after finding out that it stars none other than Amber Heard.

Yes, that Amber Heard. Johnny Depp’s ex-wife Amber Heard, who we’ve now learned through a very public six week trial allegedly shit in his bed and blamed the dog.

Heard has had her own successful acting career that includes roles in movies like Justice League, Aquaman and Pineapple Express. And she also starred in Kenny Chesney’s “There Goes My Life” music video back in 2004.

Well it turns out that wasn’t Heard’s first appearance in a country music video, because she also played the role of “Mary, on the roadside picking blackberries” in the 2003 video for Brooks & Dunn’s “Red Dirt Road.”

Back in 2018, Heard even shared a photo of herself and Ronnie Dunn, saying that it’s “been a long time since that Red Dirt Road.”

Although now it seems that the country duo may be team Depp after they shared a throwback photo of themselves with the actor as the jury was deliberating in their recent trial.

I’ll never be able to look at sweet Mary, on the roadside picking blackberries, the same.

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