Yellowstone’s Jefferson White & Brock Lesnar Fanboying Over Meeting Each Other Is The Most Wholesome Thing You’ll See All Day

Brock Lesnar is an absolute menace of a wrestler, an all-time great, and apparently a big Yellowstone fan?

I’ll admit, Lesnar is a pretty terrifying dude who looks like he eats nails for breakfast. However, we got a rare glimpse into his secret fanboy side after his loss to Roman Reigns in WrestleMania Night 2 last month.

After the loss, he was backstage and ran into none other than Jefferson White, AKA Jimmy from Yellowstone… and he seemed as giddy as a school girl.

You can see Brock in the middle of a conversation when he spots Jimmy walking by and quickly ran over to speak to him.

And the admiration is mutual as you can see Jimmy is in awe, as he keeps saying:

“I’ve been a fan my whole life… it’s an honor to meet you.”

Talk about some wholesome content.

Just a couple dudes who admire each other getting to meet for the first time, looking like they’re each meeting their childhood heroes.

Of course, Lesnar is just a good ol’ country boy at heart, as he grew up in Webster, South Dakota on his parents’ dairy farm, so you already know Yellowstone is right up his alley.

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