Nikki Lane Announces First Album In Five Years, ‘Denim & Diamonds,’ Drops Lead Single “First High”

Nikki Lane country music

Nikki Lane is back with some brand new music.

Her new album, Denim & Diamonds, is set to be released on September 23rd and was produced by Joshua Homme.

It’s the first new record she’s put out in five years, the follow up to her stellar 2017 Highway Queen album. She’s kept busy during that period, though, as she collaborated with her friend and alt pop star Lana Del Rey on Chemtrails Over the Country Club record just last year.

Featuring a 10-song tracklist, Nikki released the lead single, “First High,” today. All about all those elusive “firsts” we experience as teenagers that feel like the most exciting and electrifying things in the world, she takes us through some of her memories, like her first kiss and cigarette.

She says the song was inspired by all of those things in the context of a small town on a hot summer day… when the heat often got the best of her and the inhibition went out the window:

“This song is about chasing that feeling of the first roller coaster, the first drag of a cigarette, that first kiss. Those moments are harder to come by the older we get, yet only get better each time.

The video captures that feeling of being young in a small town on a summer day, and the lack of inhibition that came with it.”

Of course, Nikki has a unique sound and is never afraid to push the boundaries and say what she wants, so this album promises to be another fantastic project from the South Carolina native.

And I already have “First High” on repeat…

Denim & Diamonds tracklist:

1.First High
2. Denim & Diamonds
3. Faded
4. Born Tough
5. Try Harder
6. Good Enough
7. Live/Love
8. Black Widow
9. Pass It Down
10. Chimayo

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