Two Bobcats Square Off In Crazy Video From California Wildlife Preserve

The wild isn’t always a kind place.

Bobcats are ferocious little creatures.

They can be up to 30-pounds and are completely carnivorous, which means they are some bad kitties that know how to hunt.

It’s always cool seeing a video of a wild cat and noticing the similarities to house cats, after all, they really aren’t that different.

Have you ever seen two house cats go at it? It’s really not that different.

A hiker started taping two bobcats sitting next to each when all of the sudden they let out some mean sounding meows. Apparently, they were fighting words because these two attack hard all at once.

The kitties of the woods roll around and flip and flop, clawing at each other while they do it.

Just mauling the hell out of each other, I wouldn’t want to fight one of these things even though the biggest of them would be about one eighth of my size.

It’s really hard to tell which one has the upper hand, and it seems like a fair fight, but neither seem willing to back down.

This fight is declared a draw as both cats decide that there’s been enough fighting.

Helluva hike, am I right?

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