Texas Man Built Custom Caskets For Families Of Uvalde, Texas School Shooting Victims

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As we continue to process the horrific school shooting that happened last Tuesday at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas, where an 18-year-old opened fire, killing 19 students and two teachers, there have been tons of people around the world who have been willing to help the community.

And the latest example?

Trey Ganem.

Ganem runs a a family owned business out of Edna, Texas called SoulShine Solutions, which customizes caskets for those who have lost loved ones.

He told CNN that the Texas Funeral Directors Association contacted him about making custom caskets for the children and teachers who passed away during the shooting, and him and his 25-year-old son have been working tirelessly ever since.

Ganem said he and his son finished all 19 caskets over the holiday weekend, working basically three days straight on around six hours of sleep.

He says the caskets were purchased from a company in Georgia that worked for 20 hours straight to build them.

He also met with family members of those who passed away, asking how they would like them customized, and the responses ranged from softball, to Tik Tok, to Spiderman.

Marisol Gonzalez of SOLart Designs and Justin Watts of The Graphix House helped with the graphics and decals.

He told the outlet:

“We don’t just put a vinyl wrap on top. We actually custom paint every single one.

We take the casket completely apart, and we paint the hardware, we paint the bars. The class and the passion that we put into these bar none.”

The caskets cost between $3,400 t0 $3,800 a piece, and although they’ve received a few donations, they’ve basically paid for everything:

“I didn’t even think twice when I was asked to do it, and God always takes care of us.”


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