Trail Camera Captures Canada Lynx Beating Up On An Overmatched Coyote

These kitties of the woods ain’t nothing to mess with…

Trail cameras are the best. It gives a person the ability to capture things that just aren’t seen in person, in places where you would be hard-pressed to ever see anything in person. And modern cameras give clearer footage that can even have night vision… just as clear as day.

And while you’re generally looking to scope out a big buck that might be in the area, you never really know what you’re gonna find.

It also makes getting an elusive animal like a lynx on video more possible.

This video features a lynx, which is seen walking pretty calmly, until all of the sudden, a coyote pops into view and it seems to surprise the lynx too as he lunges on top of its back.

Now, here’s two predatory animals who both know how to throw paws to survive. And with the coyote coming in slightly larger on average, you’d think this is a fair fight.

It’s not… not really.

The lynx lands on the coyote and the pair roll over as it looks like the cat is wrapped around the dog’s head.  They roll and wrestle while it looks like the lynx maintained the upper hand throughout.

Finally, the dog has enough and decides to make tracks.

As he runs away, in proper kitty fashion the looks bats its paws at the coyote, much like the common house cat… only way more ferocious.

This is pure proof… even in the woods, cats and dogs aren’t the best of friends.

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