Nashville Bartender Is Given The Mic And Absolutely Crushes Chris Stapleton’s “Tennessee Whiskey”

A person singing into a microphone

Nashville bartenders have got some talent – and not just at getting bachelorette parties shitfaced.

If you remember a few years ago we had a post go viral of a bartender named Kristin singing the hell out of some Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert as she was behind the bar slingin’ drinks.

Well Kristin’s not the only bartender in Nashville who’s got pipes.

Jake Puliti, a musician and singer himself, also works as a bartender at Big Machine Distillery in downtown Nashville. And when the lead singer of the band, Cian Pedersen, hopped offstage and handed the microphone to Jake, he absolutely crushed a cover of Chris Stapleton’s “Tennessee Whiskey” from behind the bar.

(Yes, I know David Allan Coe recorded it first. But Jake was obviously covering Chris Stapleton’s version).

The bar was clearly loving it, and so is everybody in the comments of the video.


That’s me and @Cian Pedersen #fyp #toodrunktodrive chrisstapleto@chrisstapleton

♬ original sound – gingerspicelatte

Just goes to show you that there’s still a ton of talent in Nashville, not just bands doing shitty Journey covers in bars owned by pop country artists.

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A beer bottle on a dock