Yellowstone’s Kevin Costner, Tim McGraw, & More Weigh In On The Dutton Family Legacy

Alright, can we get Season 5 of Yellowstone, and the new series 1932 rolling already?

I’ll admit, I am pretty bummed that we’re not getting that late summer premiere of Season 5 like we’d all hoped for, so I guess we’ll just have to hold on for a while longer for the official premiere in November.

However, Yellowstone knows how to keep us on our toes during the “offseason” (so to speak), and they’ve given us another actor perspective video, this time featuring cast members from both Yellowstone and 1883, as they discuss “The Dutton Legacy.”

Kelly Reilly (Beth) weighed in on the Dutton Ranch and its legacy:

“The mountains, this valley that these characters are from, this is what they’re fighting for. It’s the soul of the show, and the memory of that, the earth the air, we sort of all tap into that. Taylor (Sheridan) taps into that certainly.”

Lamonica Garrett (Thomas) also talks about why the current Duttons fight so hard for their land, and it’s because of everything the family has gone through to keep it alive in years past.

Taylor Sheridan also discusses personality similarities between certain characters in Yellowstone and 1883:

“You’re seeing personality traits in various characters, that you see in characters of the present. The unique opportunity that we haven’t seen before. We can explore family generationally.”

Isabela May (Elsa) then talks about the similarities between Beth and Elsa, and how they strong individuals with a true sense of self.

Tim McGraw (James Dutton) also draws similarities to John Dutton, and used the hunting scenes from each show, and the blood ritual the Duttons do.

Check it out:

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