Five Artists Who Might Be Luke Combs’ Duet Partner On His Upcoming Album, ‘Growin’ Up’

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Luke Combs has a brand new studio album, Growin’ Up, coming our way next month on June 24th.

He already noted that the new record will have 12 songs on the yet-to-be-revealed tracklist, and he’s teased plenty of new ones over the last year or so that already have me excited.

But the other day on his social accounts, he posed this question to his followers:

“Have 1 duet on the new album. Can anyone guess with who?”

And it really got me thinking about all the other great artists that Luke might be singin’ with.

Of course, he got plenty of tongue-in-cheek, sarcastic responses, with people throwing out names like Wheeler Walker, Jr. and Cody Wolfe (look that one up in your own free time), but there are some more realistic options that seem highly plausible… though in all honesty, a WWJ feature could be damn pretty hilarious, too.

It all really depends on if Luke’s gonna throw us a curveball and have someone outside of country music (like his friend Ed Sheeran) sing one with him, or if he’ll pick a friend within the genre to be his duet partner.

Some people are more likely than others, but here are five artists he might’ve chosen to sing with on his third studio album:

Ed Sheeran

First of all, if it isn’t Ed, there’s gonna be a LOT of disappointed fans out there. Personally, I’m hoping it is with him, especially after they crushed their live performance of “Dive” at C2C Fest in London a few months ago.

They seem to have formed a solid friendship off the stage, too, and I think it could be amazing for them to sing together on a real deal studio track.

It could potentially even be a massive crossover hit if they wanted to cater to pop radio with Ed being apart of it, as well.

Morgan Wallen

Aside from Ed Sheeran, this was easily the top guess from fans on social media. Luke and Morgan are by far and away the two hottest superstars in mainstream country right now (just look at their insane streaming numbers and consecutive #1 radio hits), so it seems like he’d be a solid pick depending on the song.

They’ve done quite a bit together in the past, too (like covering each others songs), and let’s be honest… fans have been begging for this collab for a long time. Time will tell if they’re ready to finally deliver.

Ashley McBryde

And it’s easy to think that Luke would want powerhouse vocalist, and all-around badass, Ashley McBryde on his new album. Especially if the duet is between a man and women, these two seem like a great fit and would absolutely crush anything they sang together.

Plus, they’re already friends, because Ashley was one of his openers on his 2021 tour.

Miranda Lambert

If there’s any other lady Luke would be smart to sing with on Growin’ Up, it’s Miranda Lambert. She’s done plenty of features over the years for a few other guys in country music (like Jason Aldean and Justin Moore) and would obviously make a solid addition to the record in any capacity.

Though they haven’t done much together in the past, I think they’d be a kickass duo we never even knew we needed.

Cleto Cordero

They share the same management, Flatland opened up some shows for Luke… could be pretty cool, huh?

But really, after the last couple years we’ve all been through, we deserve this…

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