Luke Combs Surprises Ashley McBryde With A Custom New Bar Cart As End Of Tour Gift

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There’s one thing for certain about Luke Combs

Ya know, besides the fact that he’s probably the biggest star in country music right now.

He’s a man of the people. He ain’t afraid to go out of his way and help out his friends, family, and his fans… and his openers.

Ashley McBryde just wrapped up her 2021 tour, and is taking a brief break before hitting the road once again on January 6th for her This Town Talks Tour.

It’s pretty customary for a headliner to gift his openers something after a long tour, kind of like the way a quarterback buys his linemen all new Rolexes, golf clubs, or something like that.

And Luke Combs is no exception.

Ashley just posted a TikTok video of Luke’s end of tour gift to her, and needless to say, it was pretty badass.

He gifted her a customized bar cart, fully stocked and loaded of all of her favorite alcohol. You see her come around the corner in the video, and she borderline bursts into tears.

Just another little touching moment between two close friends, who also just so happen to be two of the best in mainstream country music at the moment.


@lukecombs gave me an end of tour gift. And my reaction was fully on brand. Thank you Luke!! #bar #crafty #ohshit #LukeCombs #AshleyMcBryde

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A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock