Luke Combs Says Six Songs From ‘Growin’ Up’ Will Be Brand New… Here’s What The Other Six Could Be

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Luke Combs is never shy about playing unreleased material.

It’s a blessing and a curse.

A blessing because when you’re hard up for a new Luke Combs tune, he always manages to deliver, whether it’s during the live show, just jamming out a livestream in his garage, or just a quick video from the bus.

It can be a curse because when it comes time for that album to finally drop, you can feel like you’ve heard a lot of it before.

Some country music fans want as much as they can get, as often as they can get it, but for me, I’m at the point where I want someone to go the Eric Church Mr. Misunderstood route and just drop a complete surprise album.

Luke Combs has officially announced his third career studio album, Growing Up, set for release on June 24th.

And featuring 12 songs, Luke just revealed that six songs will be familiar, AKA played live or teased, and six will be brand new.

You’d think that “Doin’ This” and the new single “Tomorrow Me,” will both be on it, as well as the title track from the tour, “Middle Of Somewhere.”

I would also think his unreleased “Growin’ Up & Getting Old” would be on there since it’s kind of the name of the album. And finally, since he teased studio versions of “Five Leaf Clover” and “The Kind Of Love We Make,” I think those could be on there as well.

So there’s my six, but with that being said, here’s the contenders:

1. “Joe”

2. “Growing Up And Gettin’ Old”

3. “We Still Drink Beer”

4. “See Me Now”

5. “Ever Mine”

6. “Used To Wish I Was”

7. “When It’s Raining”

8. “Family Tree”

9. “Love You Anyway”

10. “Five Leaf Clover”

He also shared a studio teaser of this one.

11. “Still”

I imagine Luke will save this for the upcoming Bluegrass project.

12. “The Kind Of Love We Make”

Either way, it’s gonna be good.

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