BRUTAL Video Shows Stallion Killed By Mare’s Kick During Mating Attempt, Internet Explodes

Holy s-t.

This is heartbreaking, totally insane, and what makes it worse is the fact it didn’t need to happen. The viral YouTube video below shows a stallion being killed by a mare in a split second as handlers tried to set them up for mating.

Everything that could go wrong, went wrong. Everything that could be done wrong, was done wrong…

Horses are incredibly intelligent creatures, and wildly powerful (as is evident here with this wild horse stomping the daylights out of a gator in Florida).

The footage was uploaded by Ismael Palomino, and comments FLOODED in, going off about the negligence:

– “Imagine being the owner of the stallion when your multi-thousand dollar horse was killed because of breeder error.”

– “The mare was not ready to mate, stallion should not have been roped, he could’ve avoided her kicks no problem if it was for the restraints, the humans also didn’t seem bothered at all that the stallion died. Such a shame.”

– “It’s no wonder she kicked him so hard. She already had a foal who looked like he wasn’t even a few months old and they wanted to breed her again way too soon. They were Frisians which are gorgeous horses which can fetch a lot of money which is probably another reason they did it.

I feel horrible for the stud. Looks like she got him in the face. As an equestrian and someone who has helped breed horses, this is despicable.”

A number of commenters also pointed out that she could’ve been trying to protect her baby, adding that the young foal should’ve been separated from the mom days before the mating attempt, let alone nearby:

– “Sadly, this is what happens when you have careless horse owners/breeders. If they had noticed the body language and signals that the mare was giving off, they would have been able to prevent this. The mare was clearly agitated, and just wanted to get back to her foal, whom she was separated from.

Maybe she even considered the stallion as a threat to her foal, and dealt with him accordingly. This mare had immense emotional pressure put on her from the people, the stallion, and anxiety of being away from her foal.”

– “The absolute stupidity of this, is her colt, from whom she had just been separated, was running around outside the corral. You can see him right before she kicks the stallion. She was worried about her colt and not about to mate.

The colt should have been moved out of sight… and they should have been separated for a day or two prior. This was stupidity on a rampage.”

And of course, beer and horses don’t mix…

“What makes it even better is the guy holding a beer at the end. You can never mix handling huge horses and alcohol, because things like this happen. It’s simply tragic.”

This is not an easy watch…

Another comment pointed out:

“Mare measured that kick in the first two turns, that is insane.”

Absolutely tragic.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock