Eric Church In 2007 On The Lack Of Emotion In Country Music: “The Downside Of The Format Is That It’s Too Neat And Too Tidy”

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What a helluva quote…

It’s pretty obvious that country music superstar Eric Church has come a long way since his early days playing BBQ joints in the mountains of western North Carolina during his college years at Appalachian State.

He released his debut studio album, Sinners Like Me, in 2006, and the rest, as they say, history.

But even back then, he made sure that the music he put out was as high quality, and as country, as it could be in terms of mainstream appeal.

And a few years after Sinners was released, in the 2010’s, we saw the onset of bro-country take over the airwaves with songs that we all know (and hate) about beer, trucks and girls.

Now, the problem wasn’t necessarily the subject matter itself (though it did eventually completely overtake country radio and leave little room for anyone with a different experience or perspective)… it was that the lack of quality and effort that was so apparent in basically every song to the point it was almost nauseating.

But in an interview I dug up from way back in 2007, Eric was light-years ahead of his time, saying that the problem wasn’t songs about guys who like cold beer and driving a truck. He didn’t think there was enough of the right perspective on how guys like this really feel about life:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock