Mae Estes Is “Thinkin’ ‘Bout Cheatin’” On Brutally Honest New Single

Marisa Taylor

This one’s gonna be on repeat for a while…

Newcomer Mae Estes has released a brand new honky-tonker, “Thinkin’ ‘Bout Cheatin’,” where she gets really honest about her feelings on marriage and how she’s at the end of her rope in terms of finding a solution to the issues between her and her guy.

Full of some beautiful steel guitar throughout, the production and delivery are pretty casual, while the lyrics are a gut-punch and reality check where she admits that certain temptations are becoming harder to turn down.

Though she has yet to act upon those feelings and desires, she warns him that it’s something she’s been thinking about if he can’t give her what she needs.

I absolutely love the brutal honesty and candid admission that she’s human and sometimes, wonders about doing things she knows she shouldn’t:

“No I haven’t met nobody
But lately there’s been a few times
A stranger has looked at me
In a way I kinda liked
Ain’t no motel keys or sneaking around
Just temptation that’s weighing me down”

Her Instagram caption sums it up best:

“Bout to spark some real uncomfortable conversations…”

Written by Mae along with Alex Kline and Autumn McEntire, it’s a true, simple country song and Mae holds nothing back…

You’re gonna love it:

If you’re not already familiar with Mae, you may have seen us post about some of her “female flip” videos she’s posted where she takes some classic country songs and sings them from the female point of view. She’s done Blake Shelton’s “Austin,” Daryle Singletary’s “I Let Her Lie,” and this incredible version of “Moon Over Georgia” by Shenandoah.

We also talked about Mae on our Whiskey Riff Raff podcast with Grady Smith awhile back, discussing her song “Roses” and Grady describing her as “Gretchen Wilson but you’d want to keep talking to her at a party.”

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