Mae Estes Covers Blake Shelton’s “Austin,” But From The Perspective Of The Woman Calling

We can all agree that “Austin” is Blake Shelton‘s best song, right?

It’s been 20 years since we first heard Blake tell the story of the man who left messages on his own answering machine, letting his beloved “Austin” know that he still loved her, in case she changed her mind and decided to call him again.

But we’ve never heard “Austin’s” side of the story.

Until now.

Nashville country singer Mae Estes posted her cover of “Austin” on her YouTube channel – except in this one, she’s telling the story from Austin’s perspective.

“I left without leavin’ a number
I needed to clear my mind
He probably thinks I’m in Austin
I talked about it all the time”

It’s amazing how changing just a few words to flip the script gives the song a whole new meaning.

But I think it’s Mae’s second verse, describing “Austin’s” reaction to hearing that answering machine message, that really makes this version of the song for me.

“The telephone fell to the counter
I couldn’t believe what I’d heard
What kind of man hangs on that long?
The kind better than I deserve.”

Hot damn, that’s some good stuff.

So give Mae’s cover of the Blake Shelton classic a listen. It feels like a whole new song – even if it still talks about answering machines instead of voicemails.

And while you’re on her YouTube page, Mae also has this great female perspective cover of Shenandoah’s “Moon Over Georgia.”

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