Brad Paisley Launches Second Batch Of American Highway Reserve Bourbon… For A Whopping $100 A Bottle

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Last year, Brad Paisley dropped his own line of bourbon, American Highway Reserve, for the STEEP price of $100.

Now, he’s ready to get back in the game again only a few short months later, with American Highway Reserve Route 2.

Partnering with Bardstown Bourbon Company, Route 2 contains three mashbills and primarily including 12 and four-year-old Kentucky straight bourbons, complemented by eight-year-old bourbon from Georgia.

Paisley compared the bourbon to a song:

“Bourbon is like a song: the more life it has lived on its journey, the deeper the story, the richer it becomes.

This second batch has seen more miles. I think you will be surprised at the unique character a different journey created.” 

VP of New Product Development Dan Callaway added:

“He’s more than a casual consumer – he really understands whiskey so he’s made a great partner in this endeavor. It’s been a fun journey so far and we’re excited to see where the next Route takes us.”

The new installment of bourbon is 98 proof and 49% ABV, besting the previous batch at 96 proof, and 10,000 cases will be available in 20 markets across America.

And once again, it’ll clock in at a whopping $99.99… the perfect price point for the average Brad Paisley country music fans (kidding).

I mean seriously, who buys this?

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A beer bottle on a dock