Charles Barkley Has The Solution For A**hole NBA Fans… “Five Minutes At Center Court… I’m Gonna Beat Your A**”

Charles Barkley in a suit and tie

There have been so many player to fan interactions in the NBA over the past couple years, that it feels like it’s only a matter of time before we have another “Malice at the Palace,” when Detroit Pistons and Indiana Pacers players began fighting fans back in 2004.

The latest incident involving an NBA player and a fan comes from no other than current Phoenix Suns point guard Chris Paul, who’s always been known as one of the good guys of basketball.

In the midst of the Dallas Maverick’s Western Conference semifinals win over the Suns 111-101 to even the series 2-2, Paul noticed a fan was talking trash to him, and even allegedly put his hands on his mother on Mother’s Day.

There isn’t any videos of the kid touching Paul’s mom, and he looks pretty young, but needless to say, Paul didn’t take that well at all. He had to be restrained from confronting the fan, while the fan was escorted out of the game.

With that being said, one former NBA superstar is ready to find a solution to all of these fan/player altercations, and it’s no other than Sir Charles Barkley. 

On Inside The NBA, Barkley said he’d be willing to take matters into his own hands if it were him in a situation like Paul:

“We can put an end to all this stuff. Some of these things these fans say, let’s take it right down center court for five minutes…

Let’s give me five minutes at center court with them, you ain’t gonna press no charges, nobody gonna be sued civilly, say what you just said to me right here for these five minutes, and I’m gonna beat your ass.”

When asked if it would take five minutes, Chuck said:

“I’m gonna take my time, I’m not gonna beat ’em up quickly. I’m gonna jab ’em a little bit then I’m gonna lay the haymakers on their ass.”

Charles Foreman ladies and gentleman:

Now there’s one thing for certain, Barkley ain’t ever gonna sugarcoat anything.

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