Kyle Busch Hilariously Leaves His Car On Pit Road After Getting Wrecked By Brad Keselowski


Whether you love or hate (or love to hate) Kyle Busch, you gotta admit, he’s entertaining as hell.

He may be one of the best drivers in NASCAR history, but I’m not gonna lie, I watch him every Sunday hoping for a meltdown, a sarcastic post-race interview, or him cussing out another driver for wrecking him.

Enter Brad Keselowski.

During the second stage of today’s Cup Series Goodyear 400 at Darlington Raceway, Brad Keselowski got into the wall and lost control, and there was nothing Kyle could do to avoid it.

Making contact on his left front, Kyle is done for the day.

However, instead of driving his wrecked 18 car off the track, Kyle Busch just left it on pit road.

Of course, last fall at Darlington, Kyle was fined $50,000 for driving over the cones exiting pit road after he wrecked out in that race, so could this move have been that patented Kyle Busch sarcasm? Who knows…

Fox NASCAR broadcaster Clint Bowyer didn’t like it though:

In the post race interview, Kyle said he just couldn’t make the corner and that’s why he left it there:

Needless to say, the Kyle Busch haters took to Twitter in full force:

And the fans came to his defense:

But no matter what, he’s always good for a laugh:

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