Justin Moore Debuts Unreleased New Song “Get Rich Or Drunk Trying” And That’s My New Motto Now

“Gonna get rich, or get drunk trying.”

That’s a hell of a motto. In fact I’m adopting it for myself now.

And “Get Rich or Drunk Trying” is also the name of a brand new song from Justin Moore, one that’s apparently going to be on his upcoming album.

We don’t know exactly when the new album is coming (though Justin has said it’s just about finished), but he’s been playing this one on his new Country On It tour that kicked off last weekend. And it’s hilarious.

“Get Rich or Drunk Trying” is all about trying to get rich the old fashioned way: By finding a sugar mama.

“My truck’s wore out just like me
My boss man is an SOB
Ship ain’t came in, don’t look like it’s gonna
When you’re broke this bad all signs point
To that ladies night at that highbrow joint
I’d sure be nice
To meet me a sugar mama”

Hell, that’s the American dream right there ain’t it?

And Justin lays out his plan in the chorus:

“Gonna get rich before last call
To hell with that playing that Powerball
Find me a CEO that’s rollin’ in the dough
And keep her smiling
Find me a martini drinker
Get wrapped ’round her finger
Whatever she wants, just as long as she’s buying
I’m gonna get rich
Or get drunk trying”

Genius. I straight up laughed out loud the first time I heard the line “Whatever she wants, just as long as she’s buying.” That’s brilliant.

And I’ve gotta say, this is a unique one. I can’t remember another song like it in country music, which is pretty rare these days. Plus like everything Justin puts out, it’s just straight up country as hell (something else that’s pretty rare these days actually).

I mean, “Get rich or get drunk trying?” I think that’s a philosophy most of us can get behind.

Sounds like Justin’s got a future fan favorite on his hands with this one – and I have a new motto in life.

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