Randy Houser Debuts Heartfelt Ode To His Wife With “Still That Cowboy”

Rachel Deeb

Man, Randy Houser has been dropping some heaters lately.

From his 2019 criminally underrated Magnolia album, to his appreciative new single “Note To Self” he dropped back in March, it’s easy to see that Houser has rejuvenated his country career with a much more raw and authentic approach to his music, and it still seems like the best is still to come.

With that being said, the Mississippi native dropped his latest single, “Still That Cowboy,” today.

The song is written as an ode to his wife Tatiana, as they’re getting ready to welcome their second child together.

He weighed in on the self-reflection that has transpired over the past few years, inspiring his new music:

“The last few years, I had more time to really reflect on what parts of my life mean the most to me.

I’m grateful to have the opportunity to write songs and perform around the globe doing what I love, but ultimately, my family are my world.”

Written by Houser, Matt Rogers, and Josh Hoge, “Still That Cowboy” articulates the ongoing changes that occurs within every marriage, and how the couple grows as they go through new seasons together.

You can hear it in the chorus:

Still that cowboy that stole your heart
Still that right one you chose from the start
And when the nights get long and the years roll by
When you wake up and you look at me
I hope I’m still that cowboy that rode up in your dreams”

Give it a listen:

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