Former NASCAR Driver Danica Patrick Opens Up On Having Implants Removed: “Boobs Won’t Make You More Perfect… Or More Feminine”

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Go ahead and tell ’em, Danica…

Former NASCAR driver Danica Patrick is opening up about the boob job she had about eight years ago, a decision she credits to caving to the pressures of society and wanting to look more “perfect” and be more “feminine.”

We’ve heard Matthew McConaughey weigh in on the debate before, and Danica has been posting at-length on her Instagram account about her personal struggles with the surgery that effected not only her physical health and appearance, but her mental health, as well.

She explained that she decided to get a boob job, in part, because she thought it would make her look better… which I imagine the reason most women do it. She noted that she felt so much pressure to look perfect, something I think most of us can relate to.

She cited implants, social media, culture, filters and past trauma as some of the main factors that most people decide to have any sort of work done at all, and I think she’s spot on:

“I wish I could of told this 32 year old girl that boobs won’t make you more perfect or have it all or be more feminine.

These were my reasons and to me these narratives are the problem. Implants just feed into it. Culture feeds into it. Social media feeds into it. Filters feed into it. Unhealed trauma feeds into it.”

But the most important part of the post is where she says it has usually has nothing to do with how you actually look, and everything to do with what’s going on inside.

Of course, it’s total bullshit to think that you have to have big boobs to make you more feminine or better looking, but unfortunately, it’s what society often sells us:

“The work is always an inside job. The real question is – how can I do the emotional work to see myself as perfect, having it all, and feminine?

When we do that, we won’t seek outside validation or a way to get it. The world is just a mirror to show us where we are not healed.”

PREACH it, Danica.

She also noted that she understands there are times when implants may be necessary for other reasons, and that she is already on the road to recovery after the reduction surgery.

She shared a photo of herself from almost a decade ago before she had any of the surgeries along with the full caption:

“Super grateful to be feeling better so quickly. To be clear, the transparency of the dangers of implants are an issue.

I also understand that mastectomy’s require options. However, all I’m saying is, if we don’t have an insecurity issue… any potential risk or danger go away.”

Danica shared a few other posts talking about some of the other health issues having the implants caused her, including hair loss:

And a side-by-side from right before and after surgery, noting how much of a difference she can already see and feel with the implants out:

It’s super cool (and important) that Danica is being so vulnerable and opening up about this, because I think it’s something every women feels to a certain degree (whether you ever go under the knife or not)… especially coming from someone like her who was in a male-dominated profession battling men on the track everyday.

It just goes to show that the pressure to be “perfect” is a real issue and can lead to life-altering decisions, and I hope she continues to share about this journey and empower other woman to accept themselves as they are — perfectly imperfect (as cheesy as it is, it’s true).

I mean, if Mr. Alright, Alright, Alright himself says it, it must be true:

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