Cleveland Guardians Fan Tries To Make One-Handed Grab, Spills His Beer All Over Woman Next To Him

Baseball beer

Whenever a homerun or foul ball is hit during an MLB game, the guy with a beer in his hand always has that one, split second decision that could alter his reputation ’til the end of time.

And that decision involves making a one handed snag, without spilling the beer.

If the guy pulls it off, he’ll go down as the badass who made the SportsCenter Top 10 with the one handed snag, followed by the obligatory beer chug.

But if he spills the beer, he’ll get booed outta the stadium…

For this guy attending the Oakland Athletics vs. Cleveland Guardians game on Saturday, he got the worst of both worlds, as not only did he drop the ball while trying to make an Odell Beckham Jr. type catch, he also spilled his whole beer on the woman (who may or may not be his woman) sitting right next to him.

And to make matters worse, he completely loses the ball, as another fan grabs it before he can even realize the ultimate L he just took.

Tough scene dude…

The slow-mo of the woman getting shmacked across the face with beer is truly a work of art.

If the woman who got doused in beer is his significant other, I just hope she’s a compassionate and understanding person…

Because if not, he might not be getting a text back anytime soon.

However, at least the Guardians were able to pick up the W, defeating the A’s 3-1.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock